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EI6301 Electrical Measurements - All Useful Study Materials

EI6301 Electrical Measurements Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers download

Download Question bank, Question papers, Notes, Syllabus for EI6301 Electrical Measurements (EM) regulation 2013 in PDF 

EI6301 Electrical Measurements study materials such as all 5 unit wise notes, question banks, 2 marks with answers (Part A), 16 marks questions (Part B), Previous year question papers, model question papers, Important Questions as well as ebook in pdf format have been provided.
Students can make use of the below table to access all study materials for free. EI6301 Electrical Measurements study materials are provided here in PDF as well as in word format. Students can download the ebook from our website freely or they get the source link related to the subject. Students can also download Electrical Measurements related PPT's and PDF's which they can use it to prepare for their exams as well as for their taking up their seminar during college hours.

EI6301 Electrical Measurements Syllabus - EM Syllabus

Galvanometers – Ballistic, D’Arsonval galvanometer – Theory, calibration, application – Principle, construction, operation and comparison of moving coil, moving iron meters, dynamometer, induction type & thermal type meter, rectifier type – Extension of range and calibration of voltmeter and ammeter – Errors and compensation.

Electrodynamometer type wattmeter – Theory & its errors – Methods of correction – LPF wattmeter– Phantom loading – Induction type kWh meter – Induction type energy meter – Calibration of wattmeter and Energy meter.

DC potentiometer – Basic circuit, standardization – Laboratory type (Crompton’s) – AC potentiometer Drysdale (polar type) type – Gall-Tinsley (coordinate) type – Limitations & applications – Instrument Transformer:-C.T and P.T construction, theory, operation and characteristics.

Measurement of low, medium & high resistance – Ammeter, voltmeter method – Wheatstone bridge– Kelvin double bridge – Series and shunt type ohmmeter – High resistance measurement :-Loss of charge method, Megohm bridge method –Megger – Direct deflection methods – Price’s guard-wire method – Earth resistance measurement.

A.C bridges – Measurement of inductance, capacitance – Q of coil – Maxwell Bridge – Wein’s bridge – Schering bridge – Anderson bridge –Hay’s bridge- Campbell bridge to measure mutual inductance – Errors in A.C. bridge methods and their compensation – Detectors – Excited field – A.C. galvanometer – Vibration galvanometer.

EI6301 Electrical Measurements (EM) - All useful study materials

Download EI6301 Electrical Measurements (EM) Notes Question Papers Question bank Important Questions with answers and online ebook using below table directly. 
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