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EE6002 Power System Transients - All useful study materials

EE6002 Power System Transients Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers download

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EE6002 Power System Transients Syllabus - PST Syllabus

Review and importance of the study of transients - causes for transients. RL circuit transient with sine wave excitation - double frequency transients - basic transforms of the RLC circuit transients.
Different types of power system transients - effect of transients on power systems – role of the study of transients in system planning.

Over voltages due to switching transients - resistance switching and the equivalent circuit for interrupting the resistor current - load switching and equivalent circuit - waveforms for transient voltage across the load and the switch - normal and abnormal switching transients. Current suppression - current chopping - effective equivalent circuit. Capacitance switching - effect of sourcerestriking transients - ferro resonance.

Review of the theories in the formation of clouds and charge formation - rate of charging of thunder clouds – mechanism of lightning discharges and characteristics of lightning strokes – model for lightning stroke - factors contributing to good line design - protection using ground wires - tower
footing resistance - Interaction between lightning and power system.

Computation of transients - transient response of systems with series and shunt lumped parameters and distributed lines. Traveling wave concept - step response - Bewely’s lattice diagram - standing waves and natural frequencies - reflection and refraction of travelling waves.

The short line and kilometric fault - distribution of voltages in a power system - Line dropping and load rejection - voltage transients on closing and reclosing lines - over voltage induced by faults -switching surges on integrated system Qualitative application of EMTP for transient computation.

EE6002 Power System Transients (PST) - All useful study materials

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