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CS6403 Software Engineering - All useful study materials

CS6403 Software Engineering Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers download

Download Question bank, Question papers, Notes, Syllabus for CS6403 Software Engineering (SE) regulation 2013 in PDF 

CS6403 Software Engineering study materials such as all 5 unit wise notes, question banks, 2 marks with answers (Part A), 16 marks questions (Part B), Previous year question papers, model question papers, Important Questions as well as ebook in pdf format have been provided.
Students can make use of the below table to access all study materials for free. CS6403 Software Engineering study materials are provided here in PDF as well as in word format. Students can download the ebook from our website freely or they get the source link related to the subject. Students can also download Software Engineering related PPT's and PDF's which they can use it to prepare for their exams as well as for their taking up their seminar during college hours.

CS6403 Software Engineering Syllabus - SE Syllabus

Introduction to Software Engineering, Software Process, Perspective and Specialized Process Models – Software Project Management: Estimation – LOC and FP Based Estimation, COCOMO Model – Project Scheduling – Scheduling, Earned Value Analysis - Risk Management.

Software Requirements: Functional and Non-Functional, User requirements, System requirements, Software Requirements Document – Requirement Engineering Process: Feasibility Studies, Requirements elicitation and analysis, requirements validation, requirements management-Classical analysis: Structured system Analysis, Petri Nets- Data Dictionary.

Design process – Design Concepts-Design Model– Design Heuristic – Architectural Design – Architectural styles, Architectural Design, Architectural Mapping using Data Flow- User Interface Design: Interface analysis, Interface Design –Component level Design: Designing Class based components, traditional Components.

Software testing fundamentals-Internal and external views of Testing-white box testing- basis path testing-control structure testing-black box testing- Regression Testing – Unit Testing – Integration Testing – Validation Testing – System Testing And Debugging – Software Implementation Techniques: Coding practices-Refactoring.

Estimation – FP Based, LOC Based, Make/Buy Decision, COCOMO II - Planning – Project Plan, Planning Process, RFP Risk Management – Identification, Projection, RMMM - Scheduling and Tracking –Relationship between people and effort, Task Set & Network, Scheduling, EVA - Process and Project Metrics.

CS6403 Software Engineering (SE) - All useful study materials

Download CS6403 Software Engineering (SE) Notes Question Papers Question bank Important Questions with answers and online ebook using below table directly.
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