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ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery - All Useful Study Materials

ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers download

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ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery  Syllabus - KOM Syllabus

Classification of mechanisms – Basic kinematic concepts and definitions – Degree of freedom, Mobility – Kutzbach criterion, Gruebler’s criterion – Grashof’s Law – Kinematic inversions of four-bar chain and slider crank chains – Limit positions – Mechanical advantage – Transmission Angle – Description of some common mechanisms – Quick return mechanisms, Straight line generators, Universal Joint – rocker mechanisms.

Displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of simple mechanisms – Graphical method– Velocity and acceleration polygons – Velocity analysis using instantaneous centres – kinematic analysis of simple mechanisms – Coincident points – Coriolis component of Acceleration – Introduction to linkage synthesis problem.

Classification of cams and followers – Terminology and definitions – Displacement diagrams –Uniform velocity, parabolic, simple harmonic and cycloidal motions – Derivatives of follower motions – Layout of plate cam profiles – Specified contour cams – Circular arc and tangent cams – Pressure angle and undercutting – sizing of cams.

Law of toothed gearing – Involutes and cycloidal tooth profiles –Spur Gear terminology and definitions –Gear tooth action – contact ratio – Interference and undercutting. Helical, Bevel, Worm, Rack and Pinion gears [Basics only]. Gear trains – Speed ratio, train value – Parallel axis gear trains – Epicyclic Gear Trains.

Surface contacts – Sliding and Rolling friction – Friction drives – Friction in screw threads –Bearings and lubrication – Friction clutches – Belt and rope drives – Friction in brakes- Band and Block brakes.

ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery (KOM) - All useful study materials

Download ME6401 Kinematics of Machinery (KOM) Notes Question Papers Question bank Important Questions with answers and online ebook using below table directly. 
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