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ME6302 Manufacturing Technology I - All Useful Study Materials

ME6302 Manufacturing Technology - I Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers download

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ME6302 Manufacturing Technology - I study materials such as all 5 unit wise notes, question banks, 2 marks with answers (Part A), 16 marks questions (Part B), Previous year question papers, model question papers, Important Questions as well as ebook in pdf format have been provided.
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ME6302 Manufacturing Technology - I Syllabus - MT-1 Syllabus

Sand Casting : Sand Mould – Type of patterns - Pattern Materials – Pattern allowances –Moulding sand Properties and testing – Cores –Types and applications – Moulding machines– Types and applications; Melting furnaces : Blast and Cupola Furnaces; Principle of special casting processes : Shell - investment – Ceramic mould – Pressure die casting - Centrifugal Casting - CO2 process – Stir casting; Defects in Sand casting.

Operating principle, basic equipment, merits and applications of : Fusion welding processes : Gas welding - Types – Flame characteristics; Manual metal arc welding – Gas Tungsten arc welding - Gas metal arc welding – Submerged arc welding – Electro slag welding; Operating principle and applications of : Resistance welding - Plasma arc welding – Thermit welding – Electron beam welding – Friction welding and Friction Stir Welding; Brazing and soldering; Weld defects: types,
causes and cure.

Hot working and cold working of metals – Forging processes – Open, impression and closed die forging – forging operations. Rolling of metals– Types of Rolling – Flat strip rolling – shape rolling operations – Defects in rolled parts. Principle of rod and wire drawing – Tube drawing – Principles of
Extrusion – Types – Hot and Cold extrusion.

Sheet metal characteristics – shearing, bending and drawing operations – Stretch forming operations – Formability of sheet metal – Test methods –special forming processes-Working principle and applications – Hydro forming – Rubber pad forming – Metal spinning– Introduction of Explosive forming, magnetic pulse forming, peen forming, Super plastic forming – Micro forming.

Types and characteristics of plastics – Moulding of thermoplastics – working principles and typical applications – injection moulding – Plunger and screw machines – Compression moulding, Transfer Moulding – Typical industrial applications – introduction to blow moulding –Rotational moulding – Film blowing – Extrusion – Thermoforming – Bonding of Thermoplastics.

ME6302 Manufacturing Technology - I (MT-1) - All useful study materials

Download ME6302 Manufacturing Technology - I (MT-1) Notes Question Papers Question bank Important Questions with answers and online ebook using below table directly. 
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