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EE6401 Electrical Machines I - All Useful Study Materials

EE6401 Electrical Machines - I Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers download

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EE6401 Electrical Machines - I  Syllabus - EM 1 Syllabus

Magnetic circuits –Laws governing magnetic circuits - Flux linkage, Inductance and energy – Statically and Dynamically induced EMF - Torque – Properties of magnetic materials, Hysterisis and Eddy Current losses - AC excitation, introduction to permanent magnets-Transformer as a magnetically coupled circuit.

Construction – principle of operation – equivalent circuit parameters – phasor diagrams, losses – testing – efficiency and voltage regulation-all day efficiency-Sumpner’s test, per unit representation – inrush current - three phase transformers-connections – Scott Connection – Phasing of transformer– parallel operation of three phase transformers-auto transformer – tap changing transformers- tertiary winding.

Energy in magnetic system – Field energy and coenergy-force and torque equations – singly and multiply excited magnetic field systems-mmf of distributed windings – Winding Inductances-, magnetic fields in rotating machines – rotating mmf waves – magnetic saturation and leakage fluxes.

Construction and components of DC Machine – Principle of operation - Lap and wave windings-EMF equations– circuit model – armature reaction –methods of excitation-commutation and interpoles - compensating winding –characteristics of DC generators.

Principle and operations - types of DC Motors – Speed Torque Characteristics of DC Motors-starting and speed control of DC motors –Plugging, dynamic and regenerative braking- testing and efficiency – Retardation test- Swinburne’s test and Hopkinson’s test - Permanent magnet dc motors(PMDC)-DC Motor applications.

EE6401 Electrical Machines - I (EM 1) - All useful study materials

Download EE6401 Electrical Machines - I (EM 1) Notes Question Papers Question bank Important Questions with answers and online ebook using below table directly. 
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