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CE6302 Mechanics of Solids - All Useful Study Materials

CE6302 Mechanics of Solids Syllabus Notes Question Papers Question Bank with answers download

Download Question bank, Question papers, Notes, Syllabus for CE6302 Mechanics of Solids (MOS) regulation 2013 in PDF 

CE6302 Mechanics of Solids study materials such as all 5 unit wise notes, question banks, 2 marks with answers (Part A), 16 marks questions (Part B), Previous year question papers, model question papers, Important Questions as well as ebook in pdf format have been provided.
Students can make use of the below table to access all study materials for free. CE6302 Mechanics of Solids study materials are provided here in PDF as well as in word format. Students can download the ebook from our website freely or they get the source link related to the subject. Students can also download Mechanics of Solids related PPT's and PDF's which they can use it to prepare for their exams as well as for their taking up their seminar during college hours.

CE6302 Mechanics of Solids Syllabus - MOS Syllabus

Stress and strain at a point – Tension, Compression, Shear Stress – Hooke?s Law – Relationship among elastic constants – Stress Strain Diagram for Mild Steel, TOR steel, Concrete – Ultimate Stress – Yield Stress – Factor of Safety – Thermal Stresses – Thin Cylinders and Shells – Strain Energy due to Axial Force – Resilience – Stresses due to impact and Suddenly Applied Load – Compound Bars.

Beams and Bending- Types of loads, supports – Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams for statically determinate beam with concentrated load, UDL, uniformly varying load. Theory of Simple Bending – Analysis of Beams for Stresses – Stress Distribution at a cross Section due to bending moment and shear force for Cantilever, simply supported and overhanging beams with different loading conditions - Flitched Beams.

Double integration method - Macaulay's methods - Area moment method - conjugate beam method for computation of slopes and deflections of determinant beams.

Torsion of Circular and Hollow Shafts – Elastic Theory of Torsion – Stresses and Deflection in Circular Solid and Hollow Shafts – combined bending moment and torsion of shafts - strain energy due to torsion - Modulus of Rupture – Power transmitted to shaft – Shaft in series and parallel – Closed and Open Coiled helical springs – Leaf Springs – Springs in series and parallel – Design of buffer springs.

2 D State of Stress – 2 D Normal and Shear Stresses on any plane – Principal Stresses and Principal Planes – Mohr's circle - Plane trusses: Analysis of plane trusses - method of joints - method of sections.

CE6302 Mechanics of Solids (MOS) - All useful study materials

Download CE6302 Mechanics of Solids (MOS) Notes Question Papers Question bank Important Questions with answers and online ebook using below table directly. 
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